Fuji x100s - One Week Review


I've only had it for about a week, but the Fuji x100s might be the best camera I've ever used.

Now I know that the image quality of a Canon 5D Mark III is probably better, and the 16mp APS-C sensor can't compare to something like the 36mp sensor on the Nikon D800.  But for the size and weight, the x100s can't be beat.  

After using DSLRs for so long, something like the x100s is like taking a vacation. Having it by my side on Christmas day was so easy. It's light, inconspicuous, and dead silent. Leaf Shutter baby.

Some shots on Christmas day with the family:


Now there is nothing really amazing about these photos.  But what is so great is that nobody even noticed I was taking them. Compared to shooting with a DSLR, there is no intimidation with this camera.  It's pretty much like a Rangefinder, meaning that the viewfinder is at the very top left of the back of the camera, when I put the camera to my face, the only thing that is covered is my right eye.  I can still engage with my subjects, compared to a DSLR which covers up my whole face, I'm a big fan.  I can also keep my left eye open and see what is actually happening in front of me.

And Oh my Gosh... this viewfinder...  The viewfinder has DoF and Exposure preview, AND Focus Peaking when in Manual Focus.  That is like a dream come true for me.  It also previews the last photo you took for half a second.  You don't need to pull the camera away from your face and look at what you just shot.  Love it.

I've always wanted to have a camera that was small, inconspicuous, but could take professional quality images.  I can't just walk around the streets with a big DSLR all the time, but I can carry this camera anywhere.  It weighs LESS THAN A POUND!

The real test was on Dec 27th at a concert venue called The Gramophone.  Some friends and I went to go see a band with the best band name I've ever heard...


Oh man.  They were so fun.  Just a good ole funk band with one of the best slap bass players I've ever seen.

Not too shabby...  Now I'm about to blow your mind:

F/2, 1/120th SS, and ISO 5000.  Yes.  ISO 5000 with an APS-C Sensor and practically ZERO noise.  I had to add grain in post. That is the beauty of the Fuji X-Trans Sensor.

The best part about this camera: Freedom.

I was able to go this concert as a music fan, not as a photographer.  I had the camera on a strap across my body and it was underneath my jacket.  It's so light, I don't notice it unless I want to take a picture.  It has a BEAUTIFUL fixed 35mm equivalent lens that goes down to F/2.  No other options = no gear bag.  That makes me happy.

There's just so much I can say about this camera.  I'm already in love.  But so many people have already said so much in a better way than I ever could, so check these links out for more info:

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If you have any questions about the camera, comment below!  Also, check out Hazard to ya Booty and support a great STL band!