Rivers Lodge

So much work, so little amount of blogging...

I have been super busy this past month and a half shooting and editing, and now I'm finally catching up on my Social Media game.

Anyways, Rivers Lodge is a beautiful fishing lodge located in British Columbia. My friend Chris Berland had the opportunity to go up there and fish and he took along a Lumix GH4 and a slider to get some great shots. Chris gave me the footage and I color graded and edited it into two videos, a sort of cinematic teaser and an extended interview version.

Cinematic Teaser

Extended Interview

This was an interesting project for me. I'm very much the kind of person that likes to be as involved and in control of a project as much as possible. Not that I have to  be in control of everything, I just mean that if I'm involved, I want to help in the planning and the shooting... I want to be invested. It also just makes my job a lot easier because during pre-production I'm planning the shoot and while I'm shooting I'm already thinking about the edit.

This project was very different. My buddy Chris went by himself and just gave me about 80GB of footage that I had to weed through and tell a coherent story with. I liked it! But it was definitely different. 

Another thing is that Chris is still learning how to shoot, he's made huge strides in a unbelievably short time, but mistakes are still made. I don't mean to bad talk Chris, I make mistakes all the time! But if I make the mistake while shooting, I can recognize it easier just because I have more experience. Also editing footage that you don't know how it was shot can make things harder as well. For instance, Chris forgot the external recorder, so the audio wasn't that great. Since I don't know about the settings on how the audio was recorded, it's harder to fix. 

But overall I think the project turned out really well and we are proud of the final product!