A Weekend off the Grid

Hey Guys.  I spent this past weekend on a ranch with the men of my Community Group from Bayou City Fellowship, it was awesome.  Not only did I need to get away from the chaos of Houston and spend some time in nature, but it was so cool to get to know these guys better in this situation.  

All photos taken with my Fuji x100s and edited in Lightroom 5 with VSCO Film Pack 5.  

Click on photos to go full screen.

The Cabin

Throwing gas on a fire...

Scotty J

Long Exposure 1


Long Exposure 2

Dennis, Taylor, Scott, and Andy hanging by the campfire.

Taylor going all Walking Dead on some poor targets.

Andy was repping the Lefties all weekend.

This thing is a game-changer.

Josh strutting his stuff for the camera.

This stuff explodes.

Jacob blowing off some steam.

Philip with a gun straight out of CoD.

Ben doing some sharp shooting.

Dennis is the man and he was an incredible host.

Josh blowing up the Tannerite.

Hey that's me!

Let the Sporting Clay competitions begin!

Scott and Jacob going head to head.

Taylor is watching you...

Turns out Scott could be a sniper in disguise.  The dude is good.

And we had Roy to play with so that was awesome.

Those Texas Sunsets...


Incredible Weekend.