Wake Up Houston

I made a commitment this year to try and shoot more personal projects, at least one a month. Wake Up Houston is the first of those projects.

It was shot over three early Saturday mornings downtown. The first two days I shot with the Panasonic GH4 which is owned by my friend Chris which is a great little camera, bang for your buck it's hard to beat, buuuut it's not my favorite camera... The last day I used my new Sony A7s, which I freaking love now that I've figured out it's little quirks and the best way to grade/edit the footage.

This project was also the first time I've really committed to grading in DaVinci Resolve which is such an amazing and deep program. The combination of Sony's S-Log and DaVinci Resolve has really improved the look of my shots and I for sure will be using it on every project from here on out. I would highly recommend for anyone that makes videos to learn that super deep program.

Just like my last personal project, The Farmthis was a project that I saw in my head and it came out on the screen. It's satisfying to see myself progress to that point and I can't wait to see what comes next. This made me want to work on my new personal project even more... I've got a few ideas.